Libbie Mill Midtown Was Developed In Partnership with the Project for Public Spaces, the central hub of the global Placemaking movement, connecting people to ideas, expertise, and partners who share a passion for creating vital places

Libbie Mill Midtown Was Developed In Partnership with the Project for Public Spaces, the central hub of the global Placemaking movement, connecting people to ideas, expertise, and partners who share a passion for creating vital places

Libbie Mill – Midtown not only offers apartment homes, residences, offices, shops, and restaurants, but also a new library, parks, a beautiful lake, trails, and plazas that encourage walkability, spontaneity, and interaction.

These connected neighborhood amenities nurture a sense of openness and approachability. The community’s design supports authentic and vibrant street life, with outdoor cafes, exciting boutiques, familiar local events, and much more.




The Power of Ten at Libbie Mill – Midtown

The ideal livable community puts everything within 15 minutes' travel time. Libbie Mill – Midtown does even better — with many different aspects of daily life within just a walk of a few minutes: townhomes, condos, apartments, retail, restaurants, offices, grocery, trails, water, and a world-class library. There's not another place like it in RVA. 

  1. Libbie Mill Library - Discover the maker's lab, 3D printer, latest editions of your favorite magazines, and dozens of the fastest computers all connecting you to your dreams and possibilities
  2. The Townhomes - Live life to the fullest in Libbie Mill - Midtown's surprisingly affordable 3-4 bedroom townhomes that all come with a hidden garage
  3. The Condos - Enjoy"two over two (2/2)" lifestyle living in our unique for story post-modern design condominiums
  4. Lake Loop Walk - Take a short stroll around the the Lake Loop Walk and see from every angle why you are in the most vibrant and liveable 15-minute community in the center of RVA's Midtown
  5. Future Prestige Office - Find RVA's hottest entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and most recognized companies here, all supported by eclectic, one-of-a-kind speciality and retail establishments. 
  6. The Pier - Satisfy your epicurean tastes and entertainment needs with daily food trucks, exotic food festivals, and a never-ending series of fun-filled events on the Libbie Mill - Midtown Pier. 
  7. The Mill Trail Run - Walk, bike, or run on the 3k nature trail that circles our entire community, taking in the sights and aromas of Virgini'as native flora and fauna - all just minutes from your front door. 
  8. Future Grocery - Enjoy the freshest food every day through the convenience of our own specialty gourmet grocer and marketplace located just a short walk or bike ride from your Libbie Mill - Midtown home. 
  9. Apartments (Coming 2019) - Make new friends, exercise, swim, grill, entertain, dance, laugh, and maybe even sleep. Most importantly, repeat this every day. 
  10. The Retail - Enjoy Libbie Mill - Midtown's Main Street boutiques, unique dining, and retail experience. 


Henrico County Public Library at Libbie Mill - Midtown

Libbie Lake_with Lib Light.jpg
The first thing anyone says who visits me is that it’s incredibly convenient and that it’s an up-and-coming area. They don’t mean it’s trendy, but at the epicenter of growth.
— Resident

The new Libbie Mill Library is 60,000 square feet, on three floors. The first and second floors house a conference room, a new state-of-the-art digital lounge, multiple study and meeting rooms, and a children’s story time area. In 2017, Junior Achievement of Central Virginia opened its new Finance Park on the third floor of the Libbie Mill Library. This facility will provide over 27,000 students from eight school districts in the Richmond Region with the financial literacy, workforce development and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed. 

Located at the southeast corner of Libbie Mill Lake, the Libbie Mill Library serves the community as a center of learning, knowledge, and innovation. The new building is a true representation of the vision of Henrico County for its library system.



Libbie Mill Lake and Pier

The physical and emotional center of Libbie Mill – Midtown is easy to find. It's at Libbie Mill Lake, The Pier, and surrounding Park area. There's always something going on, as the area is perfect for events, festivals, concerts, outdoor yoga classes, and a daily stroll.

The area includes large gathering spaces for events and festivals, convenient and flexible seating that lets people interact in ways that suits them, a tiered amphitheater, and covered swing pavilions.

Plus there are benches, movable tables and chairs, umbrellas, and shaded streets, which offer comfort and a hometown feel and where people go to meet old friends and make new ones. 

Libbie Mill Library-15.jpg
Libbie Mill Library-16.jpg
Standing on The Pier, looking out at the Lake and library gives me an immense sense of place. There’s definitely something to this. It reminds me of the feeling when one is on the T-Pot bridge over the James River — this is cool.
— Libbie Mill resident


Jordan's Branch Trail

Long term, Libbie Mill really has it over Short Pump — next to Willow Lawn, Scott’s Addition, higher density, greater rooftop pop, walkability. ... It will be the next big destination.
— Realtor
Libbie Mill Library-9.jpg

Along the southern boundary of Libbie Mill – Midtown runs Jordan’s Branch Trail, which is alongside Jordan's Branch Creek and connects Staples Mill Road and Libbie Lake West Street. Perfect for a run or walk, the path presents views of the creek and includes convenient exercise stations and benches. Jordan's Branch Trail has lighting for visibility at dawn and dusk, signage to help users find their way, and emergency call boxes for unexpected situations. Libbie Mill – Midtown was designed to restore life and health to the creek, as well as to offer residents and visitors access to the area's natural beauty.



Walkable Neighborhood

The summer was fun. We as a staff went and daily walked to the different food trucks that they had. To be in this location and have so many opportunities was great
— Libbie Mill Commercial Tennant

The street network extends north and west from the Lake and connects to residential neighborhoods that are designed for people out on an evening stroll with the dog or a bike ride.

Our neighborhoods have pocket parks, shared gardens, clubhouses, and pools, and they connect to sidewalks, so you can easily walk anywhere in the community.

Great emphasis has been placed on the convenience of the public areas that encompass all of Libbie Mill – Midtown's streetscapes and open space. Each streetscape has been designed to maximize walkability, while still making it a safe, attractive space for both cars and people.  

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